Translations and proofreading for more than 40 languages

Lingea has been developing language applications and creating its own language titles since 1997. We operate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, where we have published over 700 printed language titles.

We truly enjoy working with languages as well as embarking on challenging and unprecedented projects. That’s why we don’t just focus on English and major world languages but also publish language handbooks dedicated to the minor languages of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. These also include a special range of travel phrase books for more than 50 languages. But we also keep our native language in mind as we try to improve and spread general knowledge of Czech through our portal

Our vision

As a leading developer and supplier of language products and services, we focus on providing customized solutions. Our aim is to help you not only efficiently communicate in your customers’ language but also fully understand their needs. You can rely on the broad range of language services we offer, including a team of native speakers and experts knowledgeable in technical terminology and cultural specifics. We will help you overcome any language barriers, boost your brand and the credibility of your organization.


  • translations from/into Czech/Slovak;
  • translations into Slavic languages;
  • translations into CEE languages (Central & East European);
  • translations into European languages (especially EU);
  • translations into major world languages (foreign languages pairs);
  • translations into less common languages.

Native speakers of more than 40 languages

Perfectly translated and natural-sounding content is an essential prerequisite for a successful strategy in any target market. We are proud of our broad and varied team of native speakers and language experts covering over 40 languages. We keep expanding our team continuously, adding new talented translators who have to pass demanding tests to make sure that we maintain high quality and expertise in all languages.

Extensive experience in many fields

It is very important for us to choose a suitable translator who not only possesses the necessary language skills but is also knowledgeable in a given technical field. The skill set of our constantly growing team of qualified translators, native speakers and in-house specialists covers many technical fields ranging from IT, engineering, and marketing to medicine and law. They will make sure that your documents are always translated with relevant expertise.

Time and cost saving translations

Most of our translation jobs are processed using CAT tools (computer-assisted translation), which allow for repetitions in the text and use translation memories for repetitive translation segments. This type of automation helps significantly speed up the process, reduces costs and ensures consistent terminology across all translated documents. As standard, we apply a 70 to 80% discount for repeated segments and exact matches with the translation memories used.

Uniform and consistent translation thanks to translation memories

A translation memory is a database storing bilingual segments that have been previously translated. Whenever an identical or similar segment is encountered by a CAT tool, it automatically suggests a translation taken from the translation memory. This significantly speeds up the translation process while minimizing useless repetitions and ensuring the consistency of the translation and terminology used.

Terminology database use and management

A terminology database/dictionary/glossary constitutes a key component of CAT tools used to store and maintain consistent terminology. A glossary can be created based on a client’s specific requirements or on the field of use and can be integrated directly into a CAT tool. When translating, accurate translations of key terms are taken directly from the glossary, increasing the quality and consistency of the translation and preventing the use of unsuitable terms. CAT tools using translation memories and terminology databases thus represent a key element in implementing professional translations and localization.

Did you know that:

  • You have been using our spellchecker in MW Word, Excel, InDesign and other applications?
  • We published the most extensive and detailed guide to Czech orthography in existence?
  • You have been using our dictionary data at
  • We have been involved in international machine translation projects?
  • We have been developing speech technologies that will make interpreting cheaper and easier in the future?