Lingea has been developing language applications and creating its own language titles since 1997. We operate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, where we have published over 700 printed language titles.

We very much enjoy languages and also like to embark on new unprecedented projects. That is why we focus not only on English and other major languages, but we also publish handbooks for less common languages. Our range of publications also features a varied series of phrase books for over 50 languages. Also worth mentioning from our range of publications are, for example, the first Modern Hebrew Dictionary (2017) and our detailed Turkish Grammar.

But we also keep our mother tongue in mind. This is evidenced by our web portal, through which we try to cultivate people's knowledge of standard Czech.

This superior portfolio and the special attention we pay to languages enable us to offer the highest level professional translating, proofreading and interpreting services.

Did you know that:

  • you have been using our spellchecker in MW Word, Excel, InDesign and other applications?
  • we published the most extensive and detailed guide to Czech orthography in existence?
  • you have been using our dictionary data at
  • we have been involved in international machine translation projects?
  • we have been developing speech technologies that will make interpreting cheaper and easier in the future?