Efficient and well-targeted communication is essential for success in the exchange and sharing of information. We will select a professional interpreter knowledgeable and experienced in a given field for your business meetings, training or foreign conferences.

We provide the following services:

  • Consecutive interpreting - business meetings, training, workshops
  • Simultaneous and booth interpreting at conferences, congresses, etc.
  • Courtroom interpreting - marriages, judicial proceedings
  • Escort interpreting - during business trips and meetings
  • Telephone/Skype interpreting
  • Interpreting equipment rental

What you can expect from our interpreters:

  • Perfect language skills
  • Professional approach
  • Pleasant demeanour
  • Thorough preparation and knowledge of the field
  • Loyalty and confidentiality

We will be happy to prepare a customized interpreting cost estimate for you.

All information and contacts disclosed to our interpreters in connection with their performance are considered strictly confidential and handled in accordance with privacy laws.