Interpreting for any occasion

Interpreting is an indispensable element of communication. It allows individuals and companies fluent interaction regardless of language barriers and is a key to understanding and connection across different cultures and nations. The value of interpreting lies in the ability to correctly convey the intended meaning of the communication while avoiding any distortions or loss of important information.

We will provide a skilled and professional interpreter, knowledgeable and experienced in the given field for your business talks, employee training or international conferences. For larger events, we will put together a whole tailor-made team of interpreters that will perfectly suit your needs.


  • Consecutive interpreting – business talks, employee training, workshops
  • Simultaneous interpreting and chuchotage – conferences and congresses using interpretation booths and audio equipment
  • Court interpreting – marriages, court hearings
  • Escort interpreting – business trips and meetings
  • Telephone/on-line interpreting – interpreting over the phone and on-line via Skype, Microsoft Teams
  • Rental of interpreting equipment

Consecutive interpreting

Done intermittently (a segment at a time). First the interpreter listens to the speaker who pauses after a certain time giving the interpreter space to convey the meaning of the speech. It is suitable especially for meetings with a small number of participants (per one interpreter) such as business talks, company meetings, workshops, employee trainings and other small-scale meetings.

  • Allows more accurate and detailed interpretation.
  • Suitable for smaller events with fewer speakers.
  • No specialized interpreting equipment is needed.

Simultaneous (booth/conference) interpreting

A process where the interpreter listening to the speaker translates the speech into the target language immediately (simultaneously with the speech). It is typically used at congresses, conferences, large meetings and international events. To ensure fluent, uninterrupted communication throughout the event, specialized interpreting equipment is used in the form of interpretation booths, microphones, headphones and other audio devices. Simultaneous interpreting is quite demanding and it commonly requires two interpreters for each language who take turns regularly when interpreting.

  • Fluent and uninterrupted communication.
  • Ideal for large events with a multilingual audience.
  • Ensures time saving and sustained pace of the event thanks to the use of interpretation equipment.


Also known as whispered interpreting is unique in that the interpreter and the speaker are situated very close together and interpreting is done by whispering directly into the listener’s ear. This is a specific form of simultaneous interpreting not requiring the use of interpretation equipment as opposed to regular booth interpreting.

  • Less costly than regular simultaneous interpreting.
  • Suitable for a single participant or a very small group.
  • Offers a simple solution with no interpretation equipment needed.

Court interpreting

Sometimes also called certified interpreting is governed by Act No. 354/2019 Sb., on Court Interpreters and Certified Translators. A court interpreter is appointed by the Ministry of Justice and registered in the list of court experts, interpreters and translators. He/she is authorized to carry out interpretation jobs before public authority bodies or relating to legal proceedings executed in the form of a notarial deed. Acts and actions resulting in transcription or translation of outputs obtained from eavesdropping and intercepted telecommunications traffic are also considered interpretation.

  • The interpretation exactly corresponds to the utterance interpreted.
  • Used in a wide range of situations – when marrying a foreigner, taking exams, in court hearings, dealing with authorities, a notary or the police, etc.
  • Absolutely unbiased and impartial interpreter.

Interpreting over the phone or via on-line communication platforms

Allows clients and interpreters to overcome geographical barriers without having to travel. This modern method is very universal and comfortable and enables real-time communication and conveyance of meaning without requiring the physical presence of the participants. It is sometimes referred to as “distance interpreting”. On-line interpreting is ideal for various kinds of business talks and job trainings, routine discussions with foreign partners of phone assistance when travelling.

  • Time saving and reduced cost related to logistics.
  • Flexible solution for all participants.
  • Use of various communication software and video-conference systems.


We have extensive experience in providing high-quality interpreting services in various fields and a wide range of events. Our interpreters are professionals who not only master languages but also have a deep understanding of the respective technical fields, which enables us to convey information correctly and precisely, including subtle nuances.

We performed over 5,500 hours of interpreting in 2023 alone. One of our major achievements was the organization of an extensive and demanding training in which up to 23 professional interpreters were involved simultaneously.

Don’t be limited by the language barrier. Contact us and discover our reliable and high-quality interpreting services. We will make sure that your ideas, thoughts and communications get across no matter where in the world you are.