Prices of translations and language services

Please contact us for a precise price quote.

We will contact you by return to discuss your request and suggest the optimal solution.

The price of language and graphics services depends on a range of factors: such as the requested translation type, level of technicality, extent of the documentation, source text quality or required completion deadline. Also crucial is the purpose of the resulting translation. For texts meant to be published, we strongly recommend that a check and proofreading are done by a native speaker.

Most of the translations we ensure are carried out using CAT tools that allow for repetitions in the text and also use translation memories in cases of repeated cooperation. This automation significantly speeds up the whole process, reduces costs and ensures consistency with previous translations.

Our translations are done by competent, tested translators knowledgeable in a given field who cooperate with our experienced project team. We can ensure comprehensive processing of extensive localization projects for a range of source formats.

Any and all materials submitted to us for translation or just to prepare a no-obligation price quote are considered confidential and handled in accordance with personal data protection rules.

What are the different ways we charge for our services?

  • By word – charging according to the number of words is considered the most commonly used way across the translation community and allows a precise price determination before beginning the translation
  • By standard page – is understood as 1,800 text characters including spaces, the price is usually determined from the extent of the resulting translation
  • By hour – the hourly rate is suitable for updates or specific adjustments of texts already translated as well as for some proofreading and graphics jobs
  • By project – optimal pricing allowing for all individual aspects of a given job / specific project and concessions resulting from repeated/regular collaboration
  • Minimum charge – one standard page or 250 words

How to determine a translation deadline?

The usual translation capacity of a professional translator ranges from 8 to 10 standard pages per day (about 2,000 to 2,500 words). It takes about three working days to complete a translation job of this extent, including final checks and dealing with related queries and doubts. With the increasing extent of the requested translation, the number of days required for its completion increases proportionally.

If you are pressed for time and you need the translation done asap, we can still provide express translation within the requested deadline while maintaining high quality.

For the purposes of extensive localization projects or long-term cooperation we will put together a team of language experts, translators, proofreaders and other specialists headed by a project coordinator focused on all relevant processes, quality assurance and dealing with queries and possible objections.

Factors affecting the deadline include:

  • total extent of the documents;
  • specialism and technicality (highly technical, medical or marketing texts or localizations of software usually require increased focus when following the context as well as more frequent terminology checks);
  • related services and procedural steps (subsequent proofreading, final graphic adjustments, in-house checks, dealing with queries, etc.);
  • translation technologies (use of CAT tools, machine translation or other language technologies can speed up the translation process while reducing the cost of the translation job).