For over 25 years, Lingea has been introducing innovative products and methods which it has been recently also using to improve the efficiency and quality of its translation services. We offer comprehensive language services provided by teams of professional linguists. We provide services supported by the LINGEA know-how including our own language tools and technologies, machine translation engines and electronic dictionaries. Contract work as well as entire comprehensive projects are done by qualified translators and proofreaders from various technical fields who are familiar with the respective usage and environment. You can rest assured that your requirements will be met by tested and certified professional translators whose services we have been using for years. We operate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.

Main advantages:

  • Great expertise in foreign languages - we have been creating the most extensive dictionaries as well as highly regarded language handbooks.
  • Ability to combine CAT tools and MT engines to achieve better quality
  • We develop our own MT engines and other tools for translation support
  • Hundreds of experienced translators and proofreaders
  • Professional project analysis and management

Services provided:

  • Translations of technical documents
  • Marketing materials, business and legal documents
  • Localization of websites, online shops and applications
  • Grammar checking, fact-checking and stylistic proofreading
  • Machine translation using our own MT tool and post-editing
  • Corporate terminology and translation memory management
  • Customized interpreting services
  • DTP & multimedia