Professional language services

For over 25 years, Lingea has been introducing innovative products and methods such as language tools, machine translation engines and electronic dictionaries. We are truly keen on languages, and we enjoy facing unusual challenges. A testament to this is the numerous grant projects in which we were involved. Thanks to our strong linguistic and technological background we also provide modern high-quality translation services.

Our translation division ensures comprehensive localization services for all European and major world languages from translation, specialized checks and proofreading to the final graphic design of documents. Thanks to our in-house team of experts and specialists we can offer truly efficient customized language solutions. Our priority is to provide high-quality language services at favourable prices and to be a reliable business partner in the world of languages.


Key advantages:

  • One-stop service – We offer comprehensive language solutions, including a wide range of services from translation and proofreading to final graphic design or processing multimedia content.
  • Expertise and experience – We use the services of a large team of specialized translators and native speakers who have the relevant education, skills and expertise in their field, and who are also very knowledgeable in terms of cultural differences and technical terminology.
  • Time and cost savings – We use efficient CAT tools (computer-assisted translation), which allow for repetitions in the text and use translation memories for repetitive translation segments. This type of automation helps significantly speed up the process, reduces the cost and ensures the consistent use of terminology across all translated documents.
  • Project management and job administration – We will set up a team of language experts, translators, proofreaders and other specialists headed by a project coordinator whose main goal is to handle all necessary processes, quality assurance as well as possible queries or requests.
  • Technological background – Our extensive experience in developing innovative products and automated tools allows us to increase the efficiency and quality of the translation services we provide and offer our clients a range of customized solutions.

Why choose our services:

  • We have a strong background in languages and technologies (software company, publishing house and translation services).
  • We use an extensive team of native speakers reflecting linguistic and cultural differences.
  • We employ efficient CAT tools (cost optimization, use of translation memories and terminology glossaries).
  • We create extensive dictionaries and highly regarded language handbooks.
  • We develop our own language tools and applications, which help us push the limits of translation services.

Let us guide you through the world of languages

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