DTP & multimedia

Good graphics in your business materials and a careful choice of information can have a major impact on the successful presentation of your company at trade fairs and conferences and improve your competitiveness.

We use our long-term experience in publishing our own printed publications and electronic dictionaries to provide comprehensive DTP services. We support all common formats and use professional graphics applications.

Multimedia represent an efficient means of conveying information by combining text, graphics and audio. We can use our strong technical background, expert teams and sound processing experience, to can create your multimedia content in different forms and languages.

We provide:

  • Desktop publishing and pre-press
  • Processing manuals and guides in Adobe InDesign
  • Professional printing of documents from leaflets to books
  • Transcription of texts from the source format
  • Subtitling including translation, timing and implementation into the video
  • Recording, conversion of formats and integration into an application or a system
  • Dubbing and subtitling of animations and videos
  • Postproduction audio / video

Our experience:

  • We have published and distributed over 800 printed titles in 7 countries - especially in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Hungary.
  • We have been involved in a number of projects with renowned foreign publishers.

    Publishers such as HarperCollins, Oxford University Press or Pearson entrust us with the processing of their data.