DTP & multimedia

Save time and money on graphics thanks to our DTP team. We can provide quality visuals, clear layout and precise formatting of your documentation.

Attractive final graphics of the translation is a way to achieve an eye-catching appearance of your content. It is essential to pay enough attention to this phase no matter if it is done using Adobe, Microsoft or any other graphics or text-processing applications. We can guarantee that your documents will be clearly laid out with stunning visuals.

The length of the text often changes with translation, which may impact the resulting visual aspect of the document. It is the layout and formatting that are crucial to keep the text understandable and easy to read. There is a whole range of processing methods available, depending mainly on the format of the source text the customer supplies or the format requested for the output.

Processing using Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is one of the leading tools used in graphics design. It allows efficient processing of page layouts, paragraphs, styles and objects and translations can easily be integrated into the original graphic layout ensuring that the translated document looks just as professional as the original text.

PDF graphics

Even if you only have a PDF file with no source data (such as an Adobe InDesign package), there are still ways to make additional graphic adjustments. This usually involves the use of technologies for text extraction and the text is subsequently edited using a suitable graphics editor. This will ensure that the resulting translated text visually matches the original document. Alternatively, we can create an almost identical output in Adobe InDesign matching the quality of the input PDF files, but this is generally a more challenging option.

Microsoft Word processing

Microsoft Word can also be used for simple editing and formatting translations. This commonly available word processor can serve to change fonts and font sizes, align and indent the text, as well as do other text formatting. Although Microsoft Word is not as specialized as Adobe InDesign, it can be used to create professional looking documents.


Our range of services includes multimedia content processing. Impress your audience with video and/or audio materials featuring perfect subtitles and localized elements. We can make sure that your message impacts all the senses of your audience and we can take care of every single detail.


  • Transcription or extraction of texts from the source format
  • Final graphics and layout of manuals and promotional materials
  • Document processing in Adobe InDesign
  • Customized graphics processing of different formats
  • Subtitling, including translation, timing and incorporation into the video
  • Creation of recordings, format conversions, integration into apps or into the system, and more

Our experience:

  • We have published and distributed over 1,000 printed titles in 7 countries – especially in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Hungary.
  • Over many years we have been involved in a range projects for renowned foreign publishers. We have become a trusted partner in processing data for publishing houses such as: HarperCollins PublishersOxford University Press or Pearson.

Contact us for more info about final graphics or multimedia content. We will help you find the best way to effectively present your content.