Translations of texts and documents

Providing a high quality, individual approach and optimal solutions are the key values we build on. Our goal is to offer an efficient, customized process and to be your reliable long-term partner in the world of language services.

Our services are supported by cutting-edge technologies such as CAT tools, extensive electronic dictionaries, our own neural machine translation engines, language and proofreading tools. Thanks to these, we can ensure the consistent use of terminology, guarantee high-quality translation and offer significant cost savings. We make a point of providing comprehensive services and offering fast and efficient solutions using our team of in-house specialists.


  • Translations from/to European and major world languages;
  • Technical translations from a wide range of fields, e.g. IT, engineering, medicine, law and many more;
  • Express translations meeting tight deadlines while maintaining high quality;
  • Certified translations (furnished with the translator’s clause and stamp);
  • Professional proofreading (linguistic, stylistic, technical, pre-print and more);
  • Localization of websites, on-line shops, e-learning content, software and applications.

We typically translate:

  • Technical and specialized documentation
    (user and instruction manuals, including graphics, handbooks, technical specifications, safety data sheets, technical drawings, etc.)
  • Marketing content
    (catalogues, brochures, leaflets, press releases, newsletters, marketing campaigns, social media content, diverse advertising and promotional materials)
  • Economic and financial content
    (audit reports, regulations, annual reports, tendering documents, accounting documents, financial analyses, business correspondence and more)
  • Legal documents
    (contracts, agreements, founding charters, terms of trade, official and personal documents, certified court translations)
  • Medical and pharmaceutical content
    (medical texts, clinical studies, medical documentation, pharmaceuticals, package inserts, medical equipment manuals and more)
  • Localization of websites, software and applications
    (websites, on-line shops including customer support, a wide range of applications and business systems (CRM, ERP), e-learning applications and portals, subtitling and multimedia content)

Native speakers of more than 40 languages

Perfectly translated and natural-sounding content is an essential prerequisite for a successful strategy in any target market. We are proud of our broad and varied team of native speakers and language experts covering over 40 languages. We keep expanding our team continuously, adding new talented translators who have to pass demanding tests to make sure that we maintain high quality and expertise in all languages.

Extensive experience in many fields

It is very important for us to choose a suitable translator who not only possesses the necessary language skills but is also knowledgeable in a given technical field. The skill set of our constantly growing team of qualified translators, native speakers and in-house specialists covers many technical fields ranging from IT, engineering, and marketing to medicine and law. They will make sure that your documents are always translated with relevant expertise.

Time and cost saving translations

Most of our translation jobs are processed using CAT tools (computer-assisted translation), which allow for repetitions in the text and use translation memories for repetitive translation segments. This type of automation helps significantly speed up the process, reduces costs and ensures consistent terminology across all translated documents. As standard, we apply a 70 to 80% discount for repeated segments and exact matches with the translation memories used.

Translation checks and proofreading

Checks and proofreading are indispensable when ensuring perfect translation. The essential factors considered here are the purpose and intended use (target audience) of the resulting translation. For texts intended for publication, we recommend proofreading by native speakers followed by a pre-print check. We can provide various types of checks and proofreading, and we will be happy to help you choose the right one. For more info see the proofreading section.


  • Extensive network of qualified translators, native speakers and in-house specialists;
  • Use of efficient CAT tools (significant time and cost savings);
  • Terminology and consistency management (creation and use of glossaries and translation memories);
  • Extensive experience in project management, robust IT support, in-house development and DTP team;
  • A wide range of supported source formats while preserving original graphics and design;
  • Thorough output checks (including consistency and coherence).

Texts and materials for translation can be submitted to us:

  • By e-mail:;
  • By post or personally at: Palackého třída 35, 612 00 Brno, map;
  • By a courier service of your choice.

We believe that mere translation into another language is just not enough. We will adjust and fine-tune the translated texts to make them speak to your customers across different markets and cultures. Try some of our language solutions and gain a partner who understands your needs and goals.