Certified translations of official documents

Certified translations (sometimes also called sworn translations or court translations) include translations of documents intended for communication with courts, official authorities and other institutions in the Czech Republic or abroad. To make a certified translation, it is necessary to have the original document or its certified copy, which is to be inseparably attached to the certified translation made by a sworn translator. The certified translation is furnished with a clause signed by a sworn translator appointed in accordance with the law on court-appointed translators and interpreters guaranteeing the accuracy of the translation.


  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates
  • Commercial Register abstracts, contracts, powers of attorney
  • Copies of criminal records, trade licenses
  • Bank account statements, tax returns
  • School reports, diplomas, student certificates
  • Medical reports, expert opinions and more

NEW! Certified translations in electronic form

Do you prefer a more comfortable way of submitting or receiving documents? Feel free to contact us or get more information about obtaining a certified translation in electronic form.

How to request a certified translation?

All our clients are recommended to check with the relevant authority about the requirements related to the submitted document in terms of its authentication, translation and its form.

After that, please use the no-obligation request form to send us the entire document in electronic form first (a PDF document, a simple scan or a readable photo of the document), which we can use to prepare a cost calculation and agree on the subsequent steps.

What to check before submitting a document for translation?

  • Do I have the entire document (material) ready?
  • Does it contain all the required prerequisites such as stamps and signatures (or qualified electronic signatures), possible legalization (signature authentication) and certification for use in another country (apostille/superlegalization)?
  • Do I need to have a certified copy made so that I can keep the original document for future use?
  • How many copies (counterparts) will I need in total?
  • How should the translation be supplied? In printed (physical) or electronic form?

If you are unsure about how to proceed, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

After confirming the order, we will agree on the best way for you to submit the documents or their certified copies to us.

We recommend having the certified copies of your documents made by a notary who is authorized to do certification of documents for use abroad. If needed, certifications thus obtained can be then extended to higher levels of certification (such as the apostille), which is not possible with documents certified at Czech POINT.

Written matter to be attached to the translation can be submitted to us:

  • Personally or by post to: Palackého třída 35, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic (see map)
  • By the courier service of your choice
  • By sending it to: translations@lingea.com if requested to be made in electronic form

Any and all documents and materials submitted to us for translation or to prepare a no-obligation price quote are considered confidential and treated in accordance with personal data protection regulations.