No obligation Request

Send us a no obligation request for translation, proofreading or interpreting. In return, we will prepare a cost estimate including our quote for 1 standard page (or 1 day of interpreting), the total amount for the contract exclusive of VAT and, if required, the deadline for the completion of the translation (or proofreading).

The total translation price is determined based on the number of standard pages of text. One standard page means 1,800 characters including spaces under regulation No. 77/1993 Coll., Art. 24 (2). 2. The number of standard pages is determined from the source text sent by the client. We will always inform you beforehand about the translation price.

The cost estimate is made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Lingea s.r.o. published on website. 




Without deadline a precise price cannot be determined.

Without uploaded file a precise price cannot be determined.

You can specify technicality, domain or other details.