Language tools and technologies

Lingea develops its own language tools, technologies and products which are immensely helpful in ensuring the quality translation and proofreading of technical and specialized texts.

The term language tools covers a range of sophisticated software solutions based on the knowledge of natural language. They represent particularly useful components enhancing the possibilities of search tools, improving the quality of applications such as search engines, on-line shops, advertising and marketing tools, text editors, content management and booking systems, etc.

Examples of situations where you can use language tools:

  • You intend to enhance your content management system by adding a spellchecker, thesaurus or even a machine translation engine.
  • You want to enable your customers to use a web application to spellcheck texts including automated completion of diacritics.
  • When analysing a text, you need to identify the part of speech, gender and other grammatical categories of all the words.
  • You need quality full text search in your information system for some of the 30 European languages.
  • To better target your advertising, you intend to implement a lemmatizer, thesaurus and entity labelling.
  • Your technical support department intends to use machine translation, which could be adapted and operated on your own servers.

Proofreading Tools

  • Spellchecker
  • Thesaurus (dictionary of synonyms)
  • Word division (hyphenation)
  • Diacritics completion
  • Addressing in letters

Smart Search

  • Lemmatizer (stemmer)
  • Thesaurus (synonyms)
  • Language recognition

Text Analysis

  • Part of speech identification
  • Lemmatization
  • Morphology (word forms)
  • Segmentation


  • Lingea Lexicon 7 – the most popular professional bilingual electronic dictionaries on the market.
  • Lingea Translator – on-line and off-line neural machine translation (NMT) solutions for 32 languages.
  • On-line dictionaries – reliable and up-to-date bilingual dictionaries for combinations of 34 languages, available for PCs, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Speech Synthesis (TTS – Text-to-Speech) – computer-generated simulation of natural human speech.

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